The Azzurri Soccer Club has embarked into a bold endeavor to bridge the club mission

with that of the charitable needs of the local Omaha community and surrounding areas.
Azzurri endeavors to forge an alliance with local community charities simply to return to the
very fabric from which the club was made from. Mo Farivari: "Our community is what we
make of it. Stand up and be counted! Success should be measured by how we can help
those who can't help themselves -- this morale compass should be part of the Azzurri
landscape giving new meaning to commitment to excellence that surrounds a soccer club.
Let's challenge ourselves to be more than an Omaha soccer club and celebrate what it
means to be a volunteer! We can be the first ambassadors in the soccer community to be
an integral part of a bigger community called goodwill."


Watch for upcoming calendar events to help raise donations for these organizations soon!